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The first vines of Chile are said to have arrived in the Itata Valley the 1550s, potentially making the region one of the first to be planted to vine in Chile.The region is located at a latitude of 36°S, a similar distance from the Equator as southern Spain or the central valley of California.

The soils are alluvial, made up of sand and clay from the Itata and Ñuble rivers. Weather patterns moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes are unhindered, resulting in higher rainfall and cloud cover. But the vineyards in the valley still enjoy a good amount of Chile’s intense sunlight.

The itata valley is the origin of the Chilean wine, rustic vines like Cinsault, Pais and muscatel of alejandria are produced solely in this region. Region where you can find vines of up to 300 years old, cultivated in traditional method, and harvested by hand.

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